Restore a backup

The backups of your files, emails and databases are located in the ~/admin/backup directory of your account. You can restore them via the Advanced > Backup recovery menu.

Choose the due date then:

  • check the database(s);
  • check the mailbox(es);
  • and/or the directory(ies) desired.

For files and databases the recovery overwrites the current configuration, so manually make a backup.

Recovery time depends on the size of the files to be restored.


If you want to manually restore a backup.

  • Connect to your SSH account;
  • Restore files:
$ rsync -av --delete ~/admin/backup/<date>/files/<directory>/ ~/<directory>/

Warning, --delete will delete all files from this directory which have been created since the backup date.
To perform a test add -n.

  • Restore emails:
$ rsync -av ~/admin/backup/<date>/mails/<domain_name>/<mailbox>/ ~/admin/mail/<domain_name>/<mailbox>/

Here the emails on the date of the backup will be put back in place. No email received or sent ever since will be deleted.

  • Restore a MySQL database:
$ xzcat ~/admin/backup/<date>/<database_type>/<database_name>.sql.xz | mysql -h mysql-<account_name> -u <user> -p <database_name>
  • Restore a PostgreSQL database:
$ xzcat ~/admin/backup/<date>/<database_type>/<database_name>.sql.xz | psql -h postgresql-<account_name> -U <user> -d <database_name>

Last updated: 19 June 2019 at 16:41