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  • API (Application Programming Interface): is a programming interface used to automate how you manage your resources.
  • Account: a hosting space where sites, domains, e-mails, etc. are located. Linked to a profile and located on one (or more) servers.
  • Administration, Admin or client space: a private space that is accessible online comprising information relating to alwaysdata services and allowing management operations relating to these services.
  • Profile, client or user: alwaysdata administration interface user. This physical or corporate entity has validated the alwaysdata contracts.
  • Server: a computer system where accounts are located. This may be a physical server or a virtual machine.
  • Public Cloud or shared server: a server where the storage space is shared between a number of users.
  • Private Cloud:
    • VPS: virtual machine located on a host server shared only between a few users.
    • Dedicated: a physical server where the storage space is reserved entirely for data belonging to a single user.
    • Gold: dedicated server redunded in a different datacenter.

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