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For many reasons, an alert may be triggered by our system. Here is how it works:

  • Alert opening (by a triggering event) with an e-mail sent informing the one or more users involved,
  • reminder e-mails,
  • Alert expiry (if no corrective action is taken) with possible action.

Types of notifications

Lack of activity

This kind of alert only affects free plans and is intended to not take up space on our infrastructure with abandoned accounts.

  • Triggering event: no connection to the administration interface for X days:
    • a profile created in less than a year must connect every 120 days,
    • a profile created between 1 and 4 years must connect every 6 months,
    • a profile with 4 years of age, one connection per year is required.
  • Resolution: connecting to the administration interface,
  • Expiry: suspension of the inactive profile and its accounts.

Irregular financial situation

  • Triggering event: negative balance (e.g. when an invoice is issued),
  • Resolution: paying the invoice so that the remaining balance is zero or higher,
  • Expiry: suspension of the relevant profile and its accounts.

Domain expiry

  • Triggering event: a domain will expire in X days,
  • Resolution: renewing the domain,
  • Expiry: the domain is about to expire and therefore may no longer be available.

Automatic domain renewal

  • Triggering event: automatic domain renewal is enabled but the balance is too low OR no credit card/bank account is configured,
  • Resolution: recharge the prepaid account with enough money OR add a credit card/bank account allowing automatic debits to the means of payment,
  • Expiry: this kind of alert does not expire.

Credit card expiry

  • Triggering event: a credit card will expire in less than 31 days,
  • Resolution: delete or update the credit card,
  • Expiry: this kind of alert does not expire.

Account migration

  • Triggering event: a migration relating to an account is scheduled,
  • Resolution: apply the migration,
  • Expiry: the migration will be applied automatically (but not necessarily on the actual day of expiry).