Miscellaneous questions

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Discovering the Public Cloud

Signing up for a VPS or dedicated plan

To sign up to these offers, contact us by ticket, e-mail or phone and we will guide through the various steps.

There are no installation charges but a minimum three month commitment is required when purchasing a dedicated server. If the purchaser does not wish to make this commitment, the server price will be increased by 20% during the first three months.

Grouping invoices

It is possible to choose the day of the month for invoicing, a solution that is more flexible and practical when you have a number of subscriptions (hosting, IP address, etc.).

To do this, go to Billing > Means of payment > Settings > Invoicing day.

Administration interface: set up the invoicing day
Administration interface: set up the invoicing day

A prorata invoice (for each product subscribed to) is generated when this function is implemented so as to align dates.

Changing the company name

To change the company name, go to the Profile tab and subsequent invoices will be issued to the new entity. If an invoice has just been issued, you can exceptionally contact support and get them to generate a new one.

Finding a customer number / alwaysdata’s bank references

These are available from Billing > Invoices > Credit the account or Billing > Means of payment > Credit the account.

Quotations and proforma invoices

Invoices are issued when a service is delivered. We can however issue quotations and proforma invoices on request. Contact support.

Deleting before expiry

No refund will be made when an account is deleted or a server decommissioned before it expires.