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Discovering the Public Cloud

To change the offer, go to Accounts > Change the relevant account:

Administration interface: list of accounts
Administration interface: list of accounts

You can change the pack and the commitment period.

In the following cases, contact support:

  • Take out a VPS or dedicated server (or change its configuration / commitment period),
  • Move the accounts to a VPS or dedicated server (and vice versa): the accounts are “black boxes” that the support team can easily move from one server to another without touching its content,
  • Change the commitment period for an IP subscription.

Prorata refund

A prorata refund is automatically made to the prepaid account:

  • when changing to a higher or lower offer,
  • when migrating accounts to VPS/dedicated servers.

This refund can only be used to pay future invoices.

No refund is made when changing for the free pack - contact support so that they can assess your situation.