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Discovering the Public Cloud

Because hosting your data often involves different players, our administration lets you grant permissions with different granularity levels.

You can configure permissions through the Permissions menu in your customer admin interface.

Overall permissions

  • Account management: delegates account opening to your associates,
  • Billing: lets accounting or administrative departments receive an alert when your account balance is negative or when a ticket relating to billing is opened by us,
  • Technical at account level: lets technical teams manage the purely technical aspects of your hosting (sites, e-mails, databases) without worrying about its management or billing,
  • Technical at server level: available on Private Cloud, your network administrator can manage the rules for the firewalls, e-mail send queues and many other aspects.

Technical permissions

Whether for the purely technical aspect of your accounts or your servers, your organization imposes a breakdown in technical responsibilities internally between a number of people or groups of people or between outside contractors who need access, even if it is restricted. You can therefore define permissions by service and by account or server.

By account

By server

  • Technical contact: be notified when a technical ticket is opened by our services relating to a server,
  • SSH users: install SSH keys for simplified access to the various accounts,
  • Firewall rules: create firewall rules and refer to automatic IP banning,
  • SMTP configuration: manage the e-mail send queue, SMTP relaying and spam score,
  • Database users: permit overall access to databases for all accounts,
  • SSL configuration: choose the SSL certificate to return to the server (* by default) and the server TLS configuration,
  • HTTP configuration: choose a website that will be the default home page and the log retention period,
  • Consumption: monitor disk space consumption for your entire server,
  • Resources: change the resource limits by account (e.g. RAM usage).

2FA required

When the 2FA required box is checked, the user in question must log in with 2 factors to access the menus to which they have been given access.

My Permissions

It is possible to remove the permissions that we have on other profiles through the Permissions > My Permissions menu. The removal is not performed in a detailed manner, they will all be removed.

Other informations

When creating permissions to an email address that does not have an alwaysdata profile, that person will receive an email to initialize its profile.