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Your profile may be suspended (the Account suspended statement appears on your site and the various services FTP, SQL, etc. will be blocked). This may occur for a number of reasons.

Lack of activity

In the case of a free account, if you have not connected to your administration interface within the last X days1, then your profile will be suspended automatically. Simply connecting to the administration interface will lift this suspension and your site and your services will become available right away.

Illicit content

By registering with our site and therefore creating a profile, you commit to strict compliance with French law regarding digital content. Among these activities, any proven illegal use will result in the immediate suspension of your account. Some examples:

  • sending spam,
  • hosting phishing sites,
  • hosting counterfeit sites (dofus, Habbo, etc.),
  • attempts to hack outside systems from alwaysdata servers.

Failure to comply with the terms of sale/terms of use

Failure to comply with our general terms of sale/general terms of use will result in a suspension of your profile. For example, having more than one free account is not acceptable. We do however accept a maximum of two free accounts if you have at least one paying account.

In this kind of situation, you will be sent an alert to prompt you to resolve your situation.

    • a profile created in less than a year must connect every 120 days,
    • a profile created between 1 and 4 years must connect every 6 months,
    • a profile with 4 years of age, one connection per year is required.