Dedicated IP Addresses

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Discovering the Public Cloud

Regardless of your offer1, extras IPv4 addresses are available in Advanced > IP Addresses menu. These IPs are bound to your account and are charged 5€ VAT inc./mo or 60€ VAT inc./y2.


Once the extra IP subscribed :

  • If the domain is managed on our DNS servers, go to the sub-domain configuration view to bind the IP. Go to Web > Sites > Edit the [site] - ⚙️ > Configure (in front of addresses) or Domains > Details of [] - 🔎 > Subdomains.
  • If the domain is managed on external DNS servers, create at your DNS provider an A DNS record pointing to the extra IP.

Extras IPs are used for incoming requests only. Outgoing requests always go through the main IP of the HTTP server on which the account is located. This IP is accessible in Advanced > Servers status menu.


The extra IP will be used to send emails.

Once subscribed, you will be able to indicate which emails should go through the extra IP, according to the score set by the antispam:

The lower the score, the better the e-mail will be rated.

  1. Available for all plans, extras IP differ from Private Cloud offers. ↩︎

  2. For a annual subscription, contact the support team. ↩︎