Using API


With an ID (profile e-mail and related password):

$ curl --basic --user

With your API key:

$ curl --basic --user APIKEY:

To use your API key, don’t forget the colon (:) after it, meaning that the password is not needed.

Linked resources

If you access resources linked to a user or a specific account, then you will need to specify this with your authentication while specifying one or more parameter(s):

  • account: this is the account you wish to access. If for example you have a number of accounts but you wish to access a resource in a specific account.
  • customer: if you have certain permissions on another user, then you need to specify their e-mail address.

For example, accessing the FTP users of your mycompany in this way:

$ curl --basic --user "APIKEY account=mycompany:"


The following formats are handled:

It may be specified in the URL:

$ curl --basic --user APIKEY:

Or via the HTTP header:

$ curl --basic --user APIKEY: --header 'Accept: application/xml'

HTTP headers

HTTP headerDescriptionDefault value
alwaysdata-synchronousRequest execution in synchronous modeno