Domains Troubleshooting

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“2304: Object status prohibits operation”, “Transfer Prohibited from Registry Request” or “2308: Data management policy violation (domain [] has invalid status (clientTransferProhibited))”

Domain protected against transfers a whois 1 will return:

Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited

The protection needs to be eliminated with the current registrar.

“Invalid Authorization Code”

Check that no typos were made when rekeying the authorization code or generate a new authorization code.

To generate a new one for an outgoing transfer, contact our support.

“Registry error - 2308: Data management policy violation (domain expired)”

Domain expired, renew it before starting the transfer again.

“Transfer Refused by Registrar (Queue Message #[id])”

The current registrar blocked the transfer. Contact them to determine the reason before starting the transfer again.

Change of owner

“Max waiting duration for owner responses (15 days) reached”

A change of owner needs to be accepted by both the former and the new owner within 15 days. Check the e-mail addresses of both contacts.

Domain suspended by ICANN

ICANN checks the e-mail addresses of domain owners to ensure their proper operation. Owners have 15 days to validate the e-mail sent by ICANN.

A whois will show the following message: Domain Status: clientHold

From the alwaysdata administration interface, the following message - Domains > Details o [] - 🔎 > Status tab - lets you send the e-mail:

This domain was suspended by ICANN as its owner did not confirm their e-mail address within 15 days of creation, transfer or sale.

If you are not sure of the e-mail address, you can change it in the owner’s contact information from the Domains > Manage contacts menu:

Administration interface: access to the Manage contacts menu
Administration interface: access to the Manage contacts menu
Administration interface: Manage contacts menu
Administration interface: Manage contacts menu

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