Check If an Email Has Successfully Been Sent

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You have access to outgoing logs in the menu Emails > History.

List of latest sendings
List of latest sendings
  • Score: score given by alwaysdata’s antispam that determines if an email is sent or not1,
  • Blocked: if the email has been blocked by alwaysdata’s antispam. Must not be confused with a bounce2 which includes other reasons.
Sending example
Sending example
  • Internal score: score given by alwaysdata’s antispam,
  • Internal report: details of alwaysdata’s antispam score. It takes int account the Rspamd score,
  • SPAM score: Rspamd score,
  • SPAM report: details of Rspamd score.

By default only emails sent in the last 7 days are displayed. To find another use the filters.

  1. an email with a score higher than 3 will not be sent on shared servers. On Private Cloud, the default value is 5 (editable). ↩︎

  2. this can be caused for example by a blockage of our antispam, a refusal by the recipient servers or a non-response from them for several days. The sender shall then receive a Mail delivery failed stating the reasons for the bounce. ↩︎