Improving Your E-mail Delivery

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Whether your e-mail boxes are hosted in the Public Cloud or a dedicated environment, the ability to deliver your messages is very important and may be optimized by the hosting provider and their users working together.


  • Check the sender’s name and e-mail address.
  • Use identification protocols.
  • The SENDER FROM setting needs to match the FROM in your headers.


  • Delete addresses that do not exist or are idle.
  • Check for spelling errors in addresses.
  • Avoid mass sending.
  • Fill-in the e-mail addresses in the Cc (or Cci) fields rather than one after the other in the To field for a mail shot.


  • Avoid:
    • HTML,
    • using too much punctuation in succession,
    • writing in red,
    • writing in block capitals,
    • using spam words.
  • Pay attention to the e-mail subject.


Check that best practices are being followed by answering “yes” to the following questions:

  • has the recipient expressly agreed to receive these emails?
  • is there an unsubscribe link that is available, works and is easily identifiable?

Scoring system

To avoid misuse and optimize the deliverability of e-mails sent by its servers, alwaysdata has always implemented a scoring system based on various criteria like the content and frequency of the messages sent.

The lower the score, the better the e-mail will be rated and the sending accepted. In the Public Cloud, any e-mail with a score higher than 3 will be blocked. In Private Clouds, the default value is 5 and you can change it in the SMTP > Settings tab of your server. It cannot be disabled.

This note is only used to send the email from our servers. It has no incident in the management of the mail on the recipient server side.

Based on this scoring, the message will be sent via an IP address with a more or less good reputation. This way, by optimizing the quality of your e-mails and their content, you will have a better chance of avoiding your message being considered undesirable.

This system uses Rspamd and a set of rules specific to alwaysdata.

In order not to be dependent on abuse from other users being the same mail server you can rent a dedicated IP in the Advanced > IP Addresses tab of the account. You will be asked to specify emails sent by this IP according to the rating they will have received by the antispam.


  • The maximum size of e-mails sent is set at 50 Mbytes.