Improving Your E-mail Delivery

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Whether your e-mail boxes are hosted in the public Cloud or a dedicated environment, the ability to deliver your messages is very important and may be optimized by the hosting provider and their users working together.


  • Check the sender’s name and e-mail address.
  • Use identification protocols.
  • The SENDER FROM setting needs to match the FROM in your headers.


  • Delete addresses that do not exist or are idle.
  • Check for spelling errors in addresses.
  • Avoid mass sending.
  • Fill-in the e-mail addresses in the Cc (or Cci) fields rather than one after the other in the To field for a mail shot.


  • Avoid:
    • HTML,
    • using too much punctuation in succession,
    • writing in red,
    • writing in block capitals,
    • using spam words.
  • Pay attention to the e-mail subject.


  • Check that best practices are followed by answering “yes” to the following three questions:
    • Did the addressee explicitly consent to receiving these e-mails?
    • Were they informed that they would receive them?
    • Was the proposed content announced?
  • Make unsubscribing easy.

Scoring system

To avoid misuse and optimize the deliverability of e-mails sent by its servers, alwaysdata has always implemented a scoring system based on various criteria like the content and frequency of the messages sent.

The lower the score, the better the e-mail will be rated and the sending accepted. In the public Cloud, any e-mail with a score higher than 3 will be blocked. In VPS and dedicated servers, the default value is 5 and you can change it in the SMTP > Settings tab of your server.

Based on this scoring, the message will be sent via an IP address with a more or less good reputation. This way, by optimizing the quality of your e-mails and their content, you will have a better chance of avoiding your message being considered undesirable.

This system uses Rspamd and a set of rules specific to alwaysdata.

In order not to be dependent on abuse from other users being the same mail server you can rent a dedicated IP in the Advanced > IP Addresses tab of the account. You will be asked to specify emails sent by this IP according to the rating they will have received by the antispam.


  • The maximum size of e-mails sent is set at 50 Mbytes.