Add a footer to a mailing list

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To add a footer to a mailing list, you must use the Postorius management interface. Connect using an administration email address that you will have defined at the creation of your mailing list.

Once identified, go to the management section of the concerned mailing list by clicking on its name.

Using Templates

The Templates allow you to define portions of content that can be injected or used in the automatic messages of the list.

To define them, go to the Templates → New template section. The list of customizable templates appears, along with their associated context. You then define the content of the template in the input field.

By default, messages sent to members do not contain an unsubscribe link. You can add this link by setting an automatic footer.

Add a template of type [list:member:regular:footer], with the following content:

Unsubscribe: <mailto:$short_listname-unsubscribe@$domain>

Each message broadcast to the list will have a footer added as a signature, containing the unsubscribe email address generated from the placeholders (e.g.