Modify Mailing List Permissions

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To modify the broadcasting permissions of a list, you must use the Postorius management interface. Connect using an administration email address that you defined at the creation of your mailing list.

Once identified, go to the management section of the concerned mailing list by clicking on its name.

Content moderation

To modify the broadcasting rules, go to Settings → Message Acceptance. There you can define several broadcast rules:

  • Hold for moderation: messages must be accepted by an administrator or moderator to be broadcast to members. This is an a priori moderation.
  • Reject: messages are deleted and administrators are notified of the rejection.
  • Discard: messages are deleted, without notification.
  • Accept immediately: no action is required and members will receive the message.

These rules can be applied to two types of senders:

  • Members: action to be taken when the message is sent by a list member.
  • Non-members : action to be taken when the message is sent from an address external to the list.


To define an open mailing list, set all permissions to Accept immediately : anyone can send a message to the members (in the case of a support list for example).

To define a newsletter, set all permissions to Discard : only administrators can send a message to members.

To define a workgroup address, set the members' permissions to Accept and the non-members' permissions to Hold for moderation : members can exchange messages without moderation, and users outside the group can request to send messages by having them validated a priori.