Migrating E-mail Addresses to alwaysdata

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This article explains how to move e-mails addresses to alwaysdata.

Manual transfer

  1. Create e-mail addresses in your admin interface, Emails > Addresses menu,

  2. Migrate e-mails already existing with the current provider:

    • by retrieving a Maildir formatted e-mailbox (if they are available) and copying by using FTP or SSH in the $HOME/admin/mail/domain/mailbox/ directory,
    • by using an external tool like imapcopy or imapsync - installed on our servers,
    • by exporting/importing with an e-mail client.
  3. Change MX records to use alwaysdata servers: mx1.alwaysdata.com and mx2.alwaysdata.com.

This migration can be paired with a website migration or a domain transfer.