How to install a local version of ImageMagick

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ImageMagick is a command-line image processing solution that is often used as a technical backend by various tools and frameworks.

By default, our platform offers version 6.9.10-23 Q16 of this tool (available at the path /usr/bin/convert). However, you may need to use a more recent version for specific technical needs (such as support for certain image formats, for example). To do so, you can use a portable version of ImageMagick installed locally in your account.


Connect to your account via SSH, then download and extract the AppImage version available on the official website:

$ wget
$ chmod +x magick
$ ./magick --appimage-extract usr
$ mkdir -p $HOME/{.config/ImageMagick,.local/{bin,share/ImageMagick}}
$ cp -a squashfs-root/usr/{bin,lib,include} $HOME/.local/share/ImageMagick/
$ cp -a squashfs-root/usr/{share,etc}/ImageMagick-7/*.xml $HOME/.config/ImageMagick/
$ ln -sf $HOME/.local/share/ImageMagick/bin/* $HOME/.local/bin/
$ rm -r magick squashfs-root

Your executable is available at the path $HOME/.local/bin/magick. It takes over by default when you execute the magick (or convert, etc.) command. Therefore, your tools/frameworks should use it first, but you can still specify its full path if necessary.


You can verify that your installation was successful by running the following commands:

$ magick --version
$ magick logo: imagick-logo.png

You should obtain an imagick-logo.png file of the ImageMagick logo.