Using TiddlyWiki's Bob Plugin

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TiddlyWiki is a “non-linear personal web notebook”, which means it is more likely intended to be used by a single user, for personal use. You may want to serve multiple TiddlyWikis, each dedicated to different purposes. You can achieve this by setting multiple Sites in your administration panel. Or you can rely on the Bob plugin, which allows multi-seat edition in real-time.

Installing the Plugin

After Installing the Node.js version manually, install the plugin:

  1. Log in through SSH

  2. Clone the plugin in a dedicated directory for TiddlyWiki plugins at your $HOME level:

    $ git clone --depth=1 $HOME/tw-plugins/OokTech/Bob

Using the Plugin

  1. Edit the path/to/repository/ file, and add the plugin to the plugins section:

        "plugins": [
  2. Create a path/to/repository/settings/settings.json file, and fill it with the [IP] and [PORT] values you can find in your Site configuration view in your administration panel:

        "ws-server": {
            "port": [PORT],
            "host": "[IP]",
            "autoIncrementPort": "false"
  3. In the Site view, edit the Command field by replacing --listen by --wsserver. You can also safely remove the host and port parameters.

  4. Fill in the Environment field with TIDDLYWIKI_PLUGIN_PATH="$HOME/tw-plugins"

We do not recommend to run TiddlyWiki with the Bob plugin under a sub-path URL. Despite the support of Proxies by the plugin, it may lead to inconsistencies like WebSocket disabilities. Prefer to run it from a subdomain instead.

You can now create as many wikis as you want by following the embedded Bob’s Documentation.


By default, as for straight TiddlyWiki, the Bob version is readable and writable by any user. If you want to apply permissions for read/write accesses, please refer to the Authentication section.