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For all of the information on the technologies driven by servers:

Other interpreters and languages also can be run through the user program.


Language versions are, to limit disk space consumption, automatically installed on demand.1

To run the binary of a language (e.g., python), you simply need to run python. This will internally call /usr/bin/python, which is a wrapper of the “correct” version of python (the one defined in your environment).

The binaries are stored in /usr/alwaysdata/[language]/[version]. The directory of each version does not necessarily exist until you call the binary of the version in question: so you should not rely on /usr/alwaysdata to know if a version is available but you can use:

$ alwrapper get_versions [language]

  1. [language] and [version] have to be replaced by the name of the language/version. ↩︎