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For all of the information on the technologies driven by servers:

Other interpreters and languages also can be run through the user program.


It is possible to choose a major version of a language or a specific minor version.

When major versions are selected, the system automatically handles updates when a new minor version becomes available. It lets you benefit from security and bug fixes automatically, while still retaining full compatibility.

Private Cloud

Language versions are, to limit disk space consumption, automatically installed on demand.1

To run the binary of a language (e.g., python), you simply need to run python. This will internally call /usr/bin/python, which is a wrapper of the “correct” version of python (the one defined in your environment).

The binaries are stored in /usr/alwaysdata/[language]/[version]. The directory of each version does not necessarily exist until you call the binary of the version in question: so you should not rely on /usr/alwaysdata to know if a version is available but you can use:

$ alwrapper get_versions [language]

  1. [language] and [version] have to be replaced by the name of the language/version. ↩︎