Installing a PHP Package

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Handling packages

There are a number of PHP tools for installing packages.


Composer lets you locally install a set of dependencies. It is already installed at alwaysdata.

To install the dependencies listed in the composer.json file:

  1. To use Composer 2 (latest versions):
$ composer install


$ composer2 install
  1. To use Composer 1:
$ composer1 install


PEAR is one of the oldest package management tools for PHP. It is not ready installed but you can download it and run it:

$ wget
$ php go-pear.phar

The PHP executable indicated at the PEAR binary level does not take into account the necessary preloaded extensions (e.g. XML). These paths need to be changed and specify /usr/bin/php in place of /usr/alwaysdata/php/[VERSION]/bin/php.