PHP Troubleshooting

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Blocked sessions

Every time a PHP session is started, a file is created (session.save_path) comprising all of its information and allocating it an ID. When a user returns, they provide this ID so that session_start() can retrieve the session data. Every time session_start() is started, the session file is locked using flock.

This may cause problems when two PHP processes attempt to simultaneously access the same PHP session: the second has to wait until the first one ends before it can run to avoid competitive incidents. Consequently, this causes slowdowns or unavailabilities.

The analysis of your HTTP processes returns:

$ strace -f -p1821543 -p1822026 
Process 1821543 attached
Process 1822026 attached
[pid 1821543] flock(8, LOCK_EX <unfinished ...>
[pid 1822026] flock(8, LOCK_EX

This documentation will provide you with more information and solutions for correcting these problem sessions.

Error messages

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted

You have reached the 256 Mbyte limit, the default value for memory_limit in PHP. You can increase this value in Environment > PHP or from the site itself in Web > Sites > Details for the relevant site.

403 Forbidden

Per default for PHP type sites Apache will search for a file named index.html or index.php for the home page. Rename your file or use the DirectoryIndex directive in an .htaccess.