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Discovering the Public Cloud

In our example, we consider the following information:

  • Account name: foo
  • Odoo directory: $HOME/odoo/
  • Odoo HTTP address: foo.alwaysdata.net
  • Live Chat port: 8300 (ports between 8300 and 8499 can be used)

They can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Live Chat

After installing Odoo via our marketplace:

  • In Advanced > Services, create the following service:

    • Command: .venv/bin/python odoo-bin --config=.odoorc --http-port=8300 --proxy-mode
    • Working directory: /home/foo/odoo/
    • Environment: PYTHON_VERSION=3.10
  • In Web > Sites, declare a site, type Redirect with:

    • Address: foo.alwaysdata.net/websocket/
    • Destination URL: services-foo.alwaysdata.net:8300
    • Forwading type: transparent (reverse proxy)