The last version of PrestaShop is one of our applications that are auto-installable via the administration interface: Web > Sites > Install an application.

To install it yourself, follow the steps set out below:

  • download the desired version from the official site,
  • uncompress the source files and place them in your alwaysdata account using FTP,
  • create your MySQL database,
  • create your site,
  • access your application’s web page to finalize its installation,
  • delete the $HOME/path/to/the/application/install folder that is obsolete after deployment.

If you migrate a PrestaShop application previously hosted by another hosting provider, change:

  • the ps_shop_domain, ps_shop_domain_ssl settings in the ps_shop_url and ps_configuration tables in the database,
  • the localhost value of the physical_URL setting in the ps_shop_url table with /,
  • the file $HOME/path/to/the/application/app/config/parameters.php.