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Transfer from another hosting provider

You will need to change:

  • the siteurl, home settings in the _options table in the database,
  • the $HOME/path/to/the/application/wp-config.php (located at the application root).


Due to its high profile, it is a target of choice for hackers. Consequently, it is important to follow these recommendations:

  • regularly update WordPress and its plugins,

  • keep informed on reports of bugs and security breaches relating to plugins before installing them,

  • implement the specific profile of our WAF,

  • choose a prefix other than wp_ for your table names. To change this value on a WordPress application that is already deployed, change the _options table and the $HOME/path/to/the/application/wp_config.php file path.

  • delete idle themes and plugins,

  • delete the readme.txt file at the root of your application (contains the current version of your WordPress file that is useful to find security breaches that can be used),

  • edit the $HOME/[path-to-the-application]/wp-content/themes/theme_name/functions.php file path for your theme and add:

    remove_action("wp_head", "wp_generator");

    This will mask the version number in the meta name generator. Add:

    add_filter('login_errors',create_function('$a', "return null;"));

    To mask the connection errors.

  • delete the “admin” account created by default,

  • other rules.

  • iThemes Security: improves the security of your WordPress site
  • WordFence: scans your site looking for breaches, WAF and other tools for securing your WordPress interface