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FTP, for File Transfer Protocol is a protocol for sharing files on a distant network.

Connecting with FTP

Port990 (SSL/TLS)
Alternative port21 (STARTTLS)
Identifierassigned user and password

These users can be configured in the Remote access > FTP tab in your alwaysdata administration interface.

Administration interface: list of FTP users
Administration interface: list of FTP users

Replace ftp-[account] with your FTP hostname.

The maximum number of simultaneous connections per user is 10. On request, it is possible to change this in Private Cloud environments.


It is possible to create .ftpaccess files to modify the FTP configuration of the relevant files.

Example: To block access to read only to one user

Create a .ftpaccess at the root of the file with the following directive:

<Limit WRITE>
DenyUser [utilisateur FTP]