Login Information

The subdomain assigned to you when your account is created will end with a .net extension and not a .com extension like other alwaysdata domains.

Every time you encounter the *-[account].alwaysdata.net format, you need to replace [account] with the name of your account as chosen when it was created.

DNSPrimary: dns1.alwaysdata.com
Secondary: dns2.alwaysdata.com
MXPrimary: mx1.alwaysdata.com (TTL: 10)
Secondary: mx2.alwaysdata.com (TTL: 20)
if VPS/dedicated server: [server].alwaysdata.net (TTL: 5)
MySQLHost: mysql-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 3306
Administration interface: phpMyAdmin
PostgreSQLHost: postgresql-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 5432
Administration interface: phpPgAdmin
MongoDBHost: mongodb-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 27017
Connection: mongodb://utilisateur:mdp@mongodb-[account].alwaysdata.net/bdd
CouchDBHost: couchdb-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 5984
RabbitMQHost: rabbitmq-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 5672
ElasticSearchHost: localhost or
Ports: 9200& 9300
RedisHost: localhost or
Port: 6380
MemcachedHost: localhost or
Port: 11211
IMAPHost: imap-[account].alwaysdata.net
Ports: 143, secure: 993 & 585
POP3Host: pop-[account].alwaysdata.net
Ports: 110, secure: 995
SMTPHost: smtp-[account].alwaysdata.net
Ports: 25 & 587, secure: 465
Identification: e-mail (address and the password assigned to it)
Remote access
FTPHost: ftp-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 21
Web interface: net2ftp
SFTPHost: ssh-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 22
SSHHost: ssh-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 22
Web access (via Shell in a box): https://ssh-[account].alwaysdata.net
WebDAVHost: webdav-[account].alwaysdata.net
Port: 80
Web statistics
Administration interfaceMatomo