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SFTP, the SSH File Transfer Protocol, is used to secure an FTP transfer by passing through an SSH tunnel. Consequently, users can use a simple graphic interface via the FTP client of their choice.

Connecting with SFTP

From Remote access > SSH allow your SSH user password connection permission.

Administration interface: list of SSH users
Administration interface: list of SSH users

Then from your FTP client, fill-in the SSH connection information. Let us take the example of the test account and the FileZilla FTP client:

  • user: test
  • password
  • hostname:
  • port: 22
FileZilla interface: SFTP connection
FileZilla interface: SFTP connection


As with the SSH protocol, SFTP users are not chrooted. However, it is possible to limit their actions by choosing the SFTP only shell.

This must not be confused with the FTPS protocol: FTP transfer secured by SSL or TLS protocols.