Removing Restricted Mode

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Discovering the Public Cloud

We have always offered our users the option of free hosting to meet the needs, for example of requirements that take up few resources or simply for testing our platform before committing to a subscription. This is an offer that we do not regret but that has a few obvious drawbacks due mainly to abuse by users with bad intentions.

The restricted mode that we have implemented (and that we hope to improve as we go along) should allow us to better isolate legitimate (or trusted) users and therefore improve the performance of their hosted services, while further limiting any disruption that may be caused by troublesome neighbors (and in Public Cloud, there are plenty of neighbors).

Lifting the restricted mode

To show how honest your intentions are, nothing could be easier! You will need to do one of the following:

  • fill-in your credit card details in your means of payment area (even if you have a free account),
  • make at least one payment on our platform.

It’s as simple as that and we feel that this should allow us to filter out the vast majority of users with bad intentions. Therefore, if you comply with one of these requirements, no restriction will be applied to your profile.


If on the other hand no credit card is provided for your account and you have not yet paid for anything, your alwaysdata accounts will be technically restricted.

This restriction is not an inhibiting one for the relevant account but it does allow us to limit possible misuse. For example:

  • HTTP: processing may take a bit longer as requests will be filtered using rules that are a little stricter,
  • e-mails: the ability to send messages from our SMTP servers may also be restricted in quantity and/or in time.