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Discovering the Public Cloud

You can register services: They are custom programs running in a headless mode (i.e. without any user interaction).

Those services are declared in the administration panel’s Advanced > Services.

Ad­mi­nis­tration Panel: Create a Service
Ad­mi­nis­tration Panel: Create a Service

When you need to join your service from an external application, you must pick a port in the 8300 and 8499 range, and attach your service on :: (IPv6 only). Your service will be reachable on this port at the address services-[account][PORT]1.

there is no network filtering, anyone can connect to your services. Make sure your services have an authentication mechanism if necessary.

Unlike a command launched by-hand trough SSH, those services will be restarted automatically by the system when the service stops.

The optional Monitoring command allows you to specify a command used to check the service’s status. When this command returns an error code, the service is restarted. E.g. you can ping the service on the assigned port (i.e. 8300):

$ nc -z services-[account] 8300

  1. [account] to be replace by the account name. ↩︎