Restarting a Site

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To activate certain modifications, it is necessary to restart the program. This is done as follows:

  • when you click on the Restart button;
  • when making changes to the site form in Web > Sites:
    • when an address is added / modified / deleted;
    • when a site option is modified;
  • when making changes in the Environment menu.
Restart button
Restart button

These actions are also accessible via our API.

Only one Apache server exists per account. By restarting a site using this web server (PHP, Redirect, Static Files, and Custom Apache), all Apache sites in the account will be restarted.

Hot restart

There is no standard way to request a hot restart (during which no requests should be lost). By default, the system therefore sends a SIGTERM, which will then stop the process and restart it. In this case, requests may then potentially be lost.

For Apache and uWSGI web servers, the signals allowing a warm restart are managed by the system.

For other programs, the Hot restart field allows you to specify which signal to send to the application.


  • Puma - Ruby web server