Websites - Troubleshooting

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External service to check uptime: Down for everyone or just me

This site can’t be reached / server DNS address could not be found

  • Check if the domain exists, isn’t expired or locked by the ICANN via a whois1,
  • Check the DNS resolution address.

Adding the domaine in the Domains menu is not enough to create a website. It is required to add the addresses in Web > Sites.

403 Forbidden

For websites using Apache it will per default look for a file named index.html or index.php for the home page. Rename your file or use the DirectoryIndex directive in an .htaccess.

500 Errors

These errors may be returned by web servers (e.g. Apache), language runtime, or the application itself. Set debug logs to get more inputs on how to fix them.

Empty page

An empty page without a message or error code usually indicates an application issue: the returned code by HTTP logs is 200, stating that the request reached the application. Set debug logs to get more inputs on how to fix it.

  1. More informations on whois ↩︎