Using Monitoring Probes

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For our users who have a Dedicated/Gold server, it is possible to program monitoring probes to check that a website is working properly. If a problem is observed by a probe, an alert is sent to our team.


The probe configuration is used to set various options:

  • address: the precise address that will be monitored by the probe, possibly via an HTTP identification,
  • notification: when to trigger an alert and how to contact the person in charge of the application,
  • response: checking the content of the HTTP response with a text (by default the probe checks that the HTTP response is a type 2xx).


Work triggered by probes is charged for if the application is responsible for it.

Examples (a non-exhaustive list):

  • any problem resulting from incorrect server use by the user,
  • abnormal behavior by the user’s applications,
  • any performance problem not caused by a server or network malfunction,
  • server resource saturation by user applications,
  • any network malfunction whose origin is not alwaysdata’s responsibility.

A probe costs 10€ per month and any intervention triggered by a breakdown for which we are not responsible is charged €100 (excluded VAT).