The alert system

For many reasons (see below) an alert can be triggered by our system which is how it works:

  • opening of the alert (by an initiating event) with an email sent to inform the user(s) concerned;
  • reminder emails;
  • expiration of the alert (if no remedial action has been done) with a possible action.

Types of alert


This type of alert only concerns free plan and aims to not crowd our infrastructure with abandoned accounts.

  • initiating event: no connection to the administration interface for 3 months;
  • resolution: connection to the administration interface;
  • expiration: suspension of the idle user and its accounts.

Irregular financial situation

  • initiating event: negative balance (for example when issuing an invoice);
  • resolution: pay in order to have a greater or equal to zero balance;
  • expiration: suspension of the user and its accounts.

Domain expiration

  • initiating event: a domain will expired in 60 days (or less);
  • resolution: renew the domain;
  • expiration: the domain will expired and could be down.

Automatic renewal of domain

  • initiating event: the automatic renewal of a domain is activated but there is an insufficient balance OR no credit/debit card has been set up;
  • resolution: refill the prepaid account of a sufficient amount OR add a credit/debit card to the payment methods;
  • expiration: this type of alert does not expired.

Credit/debit card expiration

  • initiating event: a credit/debit card will expired in less than 31 days;
  • resolution: delete this credit/debit card;
  • expiration: nothing happens (except the credit/debit card will be expired).

Account migration

  • initiating event: a migration concerning an account is scheduled;
  • resolution: applied the migration;
  • expiration: the migration will automatically be applied (not necessarily on the expiration date).

Last updated: 16 Oct. 2018 at 11:40