Add a domain

To add one or several domains go on the Domains > Add a domain menu and fill in the domain(s) you want to add (use space or line break to separate).

Only enter the domain, without the subdomain. For example:, not

New domain

If the domain name doesn't exist (no owner), you will be able to buy it and choose its period of effectiveness.

This duration and additional details asked (firm SIRET, place and year of owner's birth, etc.) depends of the domain extension (.com, .net, etc.).

Existing domain

If the domain already has an owner, you have 2 options.

Domain management

You want to leave the domaine registration at the current registrar and use it in your alwaysdata account. the Vous souhaitez laisser l'enregistrement du domaine chez le registrar actuel et l'utiliser dans votre compte alwaysdata. You will need to modify DNS at the registrar to manage the domain with our DNS servers.

Domain transfer

You want the registration and the management of the domain goes to alwaysdata. alwaysdata will become your unique interlocutor (hosting and domain name).

The transfer of a domain is not free (the price depends of the domain extension) but usually renews the domain validity of a year (only if there is a change of registrar).

Last updated: 11 Dec. 2018 at 10:28