Check a mailbox

There is several ways to check emails. Here are the two most common ones.

Email client

If you want to configure a messaging software on you computer or any other device here are the details you will have to fill in.

  • Type:

    • POP: allows to pick up its mail on a distant server (POP server). It is needed for people who are not permanently connected to Internet but need to be able to view the received mails offline;
    • IMAP (recommended): alternative protocol to POP3 protocol. It offers more options (handle simultaneously several access, several mailboxes, more sorting options, etc.).
  • Host (ingoing server, for email reception):

    • For IMAP or POP: imap-[accountname] / pop-[accountname] As it's the same server, hostnames can alternatively be used.
  • Username: full email address ( for example);

  • Password: password indicated at the mailbox creation;

  • Outgoing server (to send emails): smtp-[accountname]


  • The authentication is needed to use our SMTP server, fill in the same login details than the ingoing server;

  • Sometimes your Internet provider block the port 25 (to send emails). Modify the port to use the port 587 or use the SMTP server of your provider;

  • If the MX recipient server is unavailable, the system will try to send the email on regular attempts during 5 days maximum;

  • The limit size of emails sent is fixed at 50MB.


If you want to check your mailbox from a web browser, you can use our webmail Roundcube. Connect with the email address you want to check and its password.

By default, the webmail is in English. To change of language, click on "Personal Settings" on the upper right corner, then on "Language".

Last updated: 10 Dec. 2018 at 16:35