Create a mailbox

In the Emails > Addresses menu of your administration interface you can create mailboxes (if you already add a domain name).

You will have then a set of fields describes below.

Mandatory details

  • Domain: domain name of the address to be created;
  • Local part: left part of the email address - before the @ (for example, for, the local part will be james). You also can create a catch-all address.
  • Password: needed password to connect to this email address.


The SpamAssassin free and open source software is used to filter unwanted email advertising (spam).

  • Score: the antispam gives to each message a score according to the probability that it is a spam. Messages exceeding this score will be stored in a folder. Unless you know what your are doing let the default value.
  • Folder: folder where spams will be moved.
  • Spam score for deletion: Messages exceeding this score will be directly deleted without even be stored in the spam folder. Unless you know what your are doing let the default value.


The ClamAV free and open source software is used to filter potentially infected emails.

  • Folder: it the antivirus judged the message as infected, it where it will be moved.

Folders purge

If you use the antispam and/or the antivirus, you need to empty them of a regular basis. Activate the purge to make your life easier!

  • Days to keep: after that period, messages will be permanently deleted;
  • Folders: list of folder to purge (use space to separate).


  • Addresses: addresses to which emails are redirected (use space to separate);
  • Local copy: by checking this box, all redirect emails will also be copied in this mailbox. Elsewhere emails will not be stored, only redirected.

If you use the antivirus and/or the antispam fraudulent emails will never be redirected, to avoid to relay these bad messages to external providers.


  • Reply rate: only one automatic message per address will be sent for the selected period of time (in days);
  • Subjet: subject of the automatic message;
  • Message: body of the automatic message.


  • Size: maximum size of the mailbox, in MB (if this quota is reached new messages will be rejected).

Without a maximum size for mailboxes, it is space available with the plan taken which will act as a ceiling.

Sieve script

This language allows to perform precise operations upon messages receipt. If you activate Sieve script its execution will be done after all configured operations on the mailbox creation form.

  • Script: script written in Sieve format.

Don't use the require directive which is already default included. The final script (with our own directives) is stored in the ~/admin/mail/<domain>/<mailbox>/filter.sieve file of your account. You can read it to debug your script but can't edit it.

Last updated: 10 Dec. 2018 at 15:33