Email deliverability

Whether your mailboxes are hosted in a shared or dedicated environment, the deliverability of your messages is very important, and can be optimized by a joint work of the hosting provider and its customers.

The writing

Here are some advice to send correct messages and reduce the possibility your emails to be perceived as spam.

  • Avoid HTML in the email body;
  • Carefully verify recipient addresses;
  • Avoid mass mailing;
  • To do mass mailing, prefer to fill email addresses in the CC (or CCi) field rather than following each other in the To field.


By displaying the email source, you can see its headers and identify precious information regarding the deliverability. En affichant la source d'un email, vous pourrez voir ses en-têtes et distinguer de précieuses informations concernant la délivrabilité. Headers inserted by our mail servers (IMAP, POP or SMTP) are usually prefixed with alwaysdata .

Our scoring system

To avoid abuse and enhance deliverability of emails sent by our servers we set up a scoring system which relies on several criteria as the content analysis and the frequency of sendings.

Following this notation, message will be sent via an IP address more or less reputable. By optimizing the emails and sendings quality your message will not likely be considered as spam.

Last updated: 10 Dec. 2018 at 17:47