User permissions

As it is usual to involve several different players in its data hosting, our administration interface allows to give permissions different granular levels.

Global permissions

  • Account management: delegate the account opening to your partners.

  • Billing: To allows accounting or administrative departments to receive alert when your account balance is negative or when a ticket regarding billing is opening by our services.

  • Technical at accounts level: To allows you technical teams to handle the purely technical aspect of your hosting (websites, emails, databases...) without taking care of its management and billing.

  • Technical at servers level: Available on VPS and dedicated servers, your network administrator would be able to manage firewall rules, email waiting queue among other things...

Technical permissions

Whether for the purely technical aspect of your accounts or your servers, your organization imposes a division of technical responsibilities internally between several people or groups of people or between external subcontractors who even need restricted access. You can then define permissions per service and per account or server.

Per account

Per server

  • Technical contact: Alerted when our services open a technical ticket regarding a server.
  • SSH users: Install of SSH keys to a simplified access to the different accounts.
  • Firewall rules: Create firewall rules and check the automatic IP ban.
  • SMTP configuration: Management of the email waiting queue, the SMTP relay and spam score.
  • Database users: Global access to databases of the whole accounts of the server.
  • SSL configuration: Global on the server.
  • HTTP configuration
  • Disk: Tracking of your disk space consumption on the whole server.
  • Resources: Resources restriction per account (ex: RAM consumption).

Last updated: 19 Dec. 2018 at 15:54