Connect with WebDAV

To connect to your account with WebDAV, you have to use a WebDAV client. With luck – and it's one of WebDAV benefit – all modern operating system include a WebDAV client.

General connection information are:

  • Server: webdav-[accountname]
  • Port: 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS)
  • Username: WebDAV user; by default the name of your account. You can add users in the administration interface: WebDAV > Add a user.
  • Password: password related to the WebDAV user; by default password indicated at the registration.

Connect on Windowns

Right click on the Workstation icon or (Computer), then choose Connect a network drive. In the Folder field, indicate:

Click on Connect on a different username, then enter you login details. Validate and click on Finish.

Warning: the WebDAV implementation on Windows (especially XP) bears of numerous bugs ans lacks. There is not just one implementation but several. The favorite implementation préférée is the one describe above. It exists a second method to connect to a WebDAV server via (Add a favorite network)but more limited and deprecated since Vista; we don't recommend it.

Connect with Mac OS X

In the Finder, choose Go > Connect to server. In the field Server address, enter http://webdav-[accountname] then click on Connect.

Connect with Gnome

Click on Shortcuts > Connect to a server, then enter:

  • Type of service: WebDAV (HTTP) or secured WebDAV (HTTPS)
  • Server: webdav-[accountname]

Warning: under some Gnome versions, a bug will cause the connection to fail if you specify a username in the first window. Do not then specify a user; Gnome will ask it, with the password in a second window.

Connect with KDE

Open Konqueror, then enter webdav://webdav-[accountname] in the adress bar. Or, to be in SSL: webdavs://webdav-[accountname]

Connect with davfs2 (Linux)

davfs2 has the advantage of mounting WebDAV shares as a local partition, and to have its files with all applications, not only Gnome or KDE. To mount a partition in /mnt/alwaysdata:

sudo mount.davfs https://webdav-[accountname] /mnt/alwaysdata

Last updated: 30 Nov. 2018 at 15:54